Tower Cranes


Here at Capital Area Mopars, the main talking point of the blog is the vehicles that are used in construction projects like new builds and renovations. Usually these vehicles are under the title of Heavy Equipment because they refer to heavy duty vehicles that are designed specifically for the execution of construction tasks like earthwork operations. There are a variety of vehicles that are used for these purposes and the chances are you have heard of more than a few. One of the things that these vehicles have in common is the equipment systems that they all use. The process and systems are: traction, structure, power train, control, information and implement. These are the systems that the vehicles have in common and that is what makes them useful for construction projects.

One of the most common construction equipment’s that you will see day to day because of the pure size of them are tower cranes. Tower cranes are the large almost L shaped cranes that are very, very high in the sky and are used for a variety of tasks and reasons. Often, they are hundreds of feet in the air and can often reach just as far as they are high. The crew often use these machines because they need to lift materials that are otherwise difficult to transport such as large steel, heavy concrete and large tools as well as any other type of building materials.


The Marvels of Construction – The Tower Crane


Tower cranes are (I believe) one of the marvels of modern technology for a very specific reason. Looking at the size of the crane and how they are shaped, you would think that they would just tip over and crush anything in front of them. But there is a very specific reason as to why this is done. The base of the crane is bolted to a large and very sturdy concrete pad to support the cranes weight, while the mast (the shaft of the crane) is connected to that base. That gives the mast an incredibly strong surface for it to be supported unto during construction projects. Finally, the mast has the unit that is known as the machinery arm which is what is used to transport the building materials along the site. What keeps the arm situated onto the mast without danger are counter weights that help balance the crane as a whole, ensuring that nothing actually tips over.

What makes these tower cranes so impressive is that they can have a total height of higher than 300 feet altogether, with a reach of 230 feet. The most impressive part of the crane however is the amount that the crane can hold. The average tower crane is able to hold 19.8 tons at a time, due to the counterweight of 20 tons on the arm. This is what has helped make construction and building projects so easy to complete in modern times.

I really do think that this is one of the more impressive vehicles and modern technology marvels in the modern era. I really hope you enjoyed today’s and yesterday’s blog posts and I hope you look forward to the many yet to come! If you have any comments please do not feel scared to comment too!