Here at Capital Area Motors, we love our building and construction equipment, and especially the heavy equipment vehicles that are used to make architects dreams a reality! We spoke last week about Tower Cranes which are massive, and the week before we spoke the industry of carpentry right now as a whole, but today we are going to talk about probably the most famous construction vehicle known to mankind. The Bulldozer. Even the name of this heavy-duty machinery sounds awesome, and it also is pretty much named after what it does. It absolutely bulldozes large quantities of raw materials, but it is also used for so much more. Like the Tower Crane we spoke about yesterday, the bulldozer is one of the more common and used vehicles by builders because of its versatility and usefulness, and we want to raise some more awareness for the uses of a bulldozer itself.

A bulldozer is simple a crawler vehicle with a huge metal plate attached to the front of the vehicle which is known as a blade. The blade is used to push the large quantities of materials such as soil, sand and rubble during construction, while the back of the bulldozer has a ripper (a claw-like mechanic) that loosens materials that are highly compact and otherwise difficult to loosen. Bulldozers aren’t just used for building and construction jobs however, but are also used for anything from a heavy industry factory or farm to mines and quarries also.

The bulldozer itself requires wide tracks along the bottom of the vehicle to ensure that the distribution of weight is correct, so that it doesn’t both capsize on its side or fall in under itself. Some bulldozers also have extra wide tracks underneath the vehicle to ensure that it has a higher traction weight than other vehicles of its kind. The bulldozer also has a little brother in the Calfdozer, which is designed to do the same purposes over a smaller scale and usually, lighter materials.


The Blades


The blade of the Bulldozer is one of the most impressive parts about the vehicle itself, due to the sheer amount of heavy materials that it is able to move at any one time. They have a few variations of the blades, such as the Straight Blade, which is used for fine grading and has no lateral curve or wings around it. There is also the universal or U blade, which is large, curved and has a high wingspan to carry a large amount of materials at one time. Finally, there is the S-U blade which is in short, a combination of the two previous blade types and is designed for pushing large rocks.

The other important part of a bulldozer is what is known as the ripper, which is features on the back of a Bulldozer. They are usually single shanks that are able to break rocks that are in the surface ground and able to tear any rubble beneath it. Farmers use these to plough their lands when it is proven difficult or when harder materials prevent the farmers from ploughing the land.

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