One of the vehicles we work with regularly that often stump people are Backhoes. These construction vehicles look to most people like regular loaders with a little, useless arm on the back, and most of the time, people are confused about their purpose. Well, Backhoes (often called JCBs in the UK, and India, due to the company being the first manufacturer and major supplier in the UK) are ingenious little things!

Because of their versatility, to both excavate, load and hold materials, they are used for a massive variety of tasks. Also due to their small frame and precise movements and control, they are absolutely ideal for a wide array of tasks in urban, built-up and tight environments.

Not only does this make them uniquely suited to small, home-owner construction and refurbishment projects – such as loft conversions, landscaping projects and building small outhouses, but also public services. These include tasks such as road paving, breaking asphalt, small demolitions, stump grinding, snow plowing, and almost any other heavy duty tasks needed in urban environments!

Lately, companies have realised just how useful these machines are and have noticed the uptick in the amount of people taking up DIY and construction projects on their own properties. This has caused some ingenious companies such as Kobuta to create subcompact tractors which are just slightly bigger than a lawnmower, but offer all the functionality of a regular sized Backhoe – though this comes at a natural loss of power generated by the machine.