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Here at Capital Area Mopars, we consistently work with cars but we also work with heavy-duty construction vehicles. Some of these vehicles are incredibly complex and difficult to both build these vehicles and repair them. It has become incredibly specialized of us, and people across the country often ask for both our help and support […]


Capital Area Mopar’s bring you informative information on construction vehicles that are used every day. Today, one of the heavy-duty equipment and vehicles that we want to talk about are Loaders. The chances are that although you are unsure of the official name of these vehicles, you have seen them in use before many times […]


One of Capital Area Mopars favourite vehicles for building and construction aid is the excavator. Many may not realise what an excavator is despite the name of the machine, but it is simply the heavy construction equipment that consists of a boom, stick, bucket and cab for the operator in a rotating platform that is […]


  Here at Capital Area Motors, we love our building and construction equipment, and especially the heavy equipment vehicles that are used to make architects dreams a reality! We spoke last week about Tower Cranes which are massive, and the week before we spoke the industry of carpentry right now as a whole, but today […]

Tower Cranes

  Here at Capital Area Mopars, the main talking point of the blog is the vehicles that are used in construction projects like new builds and renovations. Usually these vehicles are under the title of Heavy Equipment because they refer to heavy duty vehicles that are designed specifically for the execution of construction tasks like […]


  Capital Area Mopars is a blog that is dedicated not only to loft conversions, construction and the vehicles that are required to do them correctly, but also our thoughts and feelings on it all. Every day around the world there are hundreds of new buildings that are either starting or closing to completion, and […]

Our New Blog

Thanks for visiting our new blog! This blog is devoted to loft conversions, construction and new buildings, and especially the vehicles used to do it! Check back often for lots of interesting content!